October availability

Our range of clean and ready vans

We have a few dates left for October but not many, please do get in touch for last 3 months of the year asap. By now, you all know what we do, so we’ll list what we don’t No dump/tip runs No scrap metal collections If it’s indoors, we’ll move it from home, office, shed, garage etc. We don’t claim to be the cheapest, best, fastest on the market, nor do we claim to be better than a man without a single review and only a handful of page likes. Our reviews can be seen on facebook, Google, Yell, Checkatrade and all genuine reviews by genuine customers, no pals, family nor fake by ourselves. Our vans are clean inside and don’t smell like bin trucks to contaminate your furniture. We are fully insured, registered with Hmrc and pay our taxes so no interest in competing with dodgy Dave and his uninsured , un-signwritten van. Hope to hear from you soon??? https://www.facebook.com/VanmanBuchlyvie