Who and where

We are a Rural Stirling team of workers who know the area well and are quite well known within the area.

What we do

We offer a man and van service for one item or for a full house move including multiple runs but full house moves is the largest part of our business now.

How we price jobs

We are happy to give a free no obligation quote(as close to guesstimate as humanly possible) We operate on an job to job priced basis, so whether it’s one item or a whole house load, you know you are getting the same treatment as everyone else. There are no additional charges for distance as this is covered within your priced job and distance is no obstacle. We cover all of mainland UK. Our time starts from the second we start the van up as this is when we are at work. The only additional fees are for stairs or extremely heavy items and they vary depending upon how high you live. We charge at a lower level for waiting times, ie if keys don’t arrive on time, we still have to pay our employees by the hour and this cost is passed on and will vary depending upon number of employees on a given job.

Additional Items

Obviously if there are additional items added, price will change accordingly, please be as accurate as possible at point of quotation to avoid disappointment. You are responsible for the packing and safety of your goods, if you choose to pack everything yourself. We undertake the responsibility if our team cause any damage whilst packing or in transit after packing. Any damages must be pointed out at point of unloading. We have a very honest team and we will always make you aware should we damage anything and likewise, if we spot damage prior to moving items, we will highlight it to you before moving.


As the business is well established and we do get overly booked, we do charge for cancellations when at least 72 hours notice is not given, there will be a cancellation charge of 50% of the job if cancellation is received less than 72 hours prior to the job.(We hope you understand this as we could very well have taken another booking).

Loyalty Scheme

We have introduced a loyalty scheme for repeat customers whereby I can offer some preferential treatment of 10% discounted rate for those who come back time and again.

Services discount

We have now introduced straight from the off, a 10% discount for our Military (any branch), Police, NHS and Fire services but proof must be provided. Our vans are cleaned inside after every single job without exception as that way we can not only clean for your own personal usage but it allows us to check for any items which have been left behind.

What we don’t do

A couple of things which we DON’T do. We do NOT cover DUMP/TIP runs at any time as it can make a van very grubby and smelly inside very quickly and we want our customers to have 5* treatment, not have their belongings in a bin truck. We also do not take any kind of flammable items such as aerosols, paints, fuel, gas canisters etc The other big NO GO area is passengers, I will not carry passengers for hire or reward purposes, it is NOT allowed under my insurance, however should we have the space, you are welcome to travel with your goods.

Agreement of terms

It is at this point, you undertake to accepting this as our terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them should you hire us to carry out your tasks. Thank you for reading our blurb and thank you for your consideration in using our service.