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The Shire Man & Van team

Customer Request:-

Polite request.
Going forward, when providing an inventory for quotes, we will provide a quotation for exactly the information provided.

We need to know an accurate stair count( not flights, not which floor, how many actual stairs) We need to know how close we can park to the properties at both ends, collection and delivery We need to know if anything requires dismantling or reassembly or indeed if doors require removal on a job.

Most important, we need to know what requires removing highlighting any oversized, extra heavy items.

If any of the above information is inaccurate, we will add or charge additional costs. This should never, ever happen although sometimes folk can forget the odd item, we request your understanding when our price then changes as we have quoted based on what we’ve been told.

The last thing we want to do is fall out with anyone over additional charges, especially when not our fault.

If we visit a property and nothing changes and we have under quoted, we will always honour it. If in doubt, please ask, it’s what we are here for.

The above helps me to figure out, which van(s) i need for a job , which staff i require and how long the job will take.

Nobody goes into Tesco, buys a weeks shopping, realise they forgot half a dozen items and expect Tesco to give them for nothing, same principle for ourselves.

We always want to offer a 5 star service to everyone, honesty on both sides helps this happen. Many thanks for your help??